The Practical Tarot Course


This course will teach you how to read tarot in 1 hour and 45 min with 21 short videos. The lessons are numbered to help you to access the information quickly and easily. When you purchase the videos below you will always have private access to the Course for your review. For $11.11 ( Angel numbers ) you will learn how to open your third eye or subconscious, the major and minor arcana, elements and basic astrology, card associations, your birth card in the major arcana, spell casting or manifesting with the cards, crystals and candles, 3 basic spreads and how to use oracle or tarot cards to clear the chakras. I will show you how to journal your readings, and I will suggest the best decks, guide books and other books to help you master your spiritual journey.

I have designed the videos so that they are appropriate to be viewed and understood by older kids as well as adults. All you will need is a traditional tarot deck with a detailed guide book, a journal, pen and some small crystals. I suggest ~ The Easy Tarot Deck ~ or ~ Gateway to the Divine Tarot ~ or ~ Witches Tarot ~ because they have many of the traditional symbols and detailed guide books.

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