Empowering women worldwide is my passion and life purpose. It is my intention to teach women how to regain their own personal, internal power even through the injustices and inequalities throughout all national societies. I intend to also help men understand the fullness of womanhood so that they can learn how to treat the women in their lives with respect, care, love and dignity. It is my intent to guide both men and women towards true authenticity and intimacy that far surpasses the bedroom.

The main focus of my book The Goddess an Expression of the Divine Feminine and my blog and website www.sexassacred.com is HEALTH

I define health as being balanced from the inside out; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance creates overall health. My approach towards health is practical and measurable. I have found by research that many who do and promote GODDESS work primarily work on just the spiritual level; I myself do not find this practical or measurable, therefor it is an ideal that can not become a sustainable reality. I am equally an idealist and a realist. I am living my empowerment and you will find that this is true by reading my blog and book, by following my health tips and healthy lifestyle motivations on Instagram and when you follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Google and Skype me in person. My advice is realistic, obtainable and practical. Yes, you can become a healthier version of yourself; yes you can find inner peace and happiness if you are willing to do the inner and outer work on yourself.


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True empowerment comes from the inside out, it is the simplest and the hardest thing you will ever do for yourself; because you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. We all know change is the only true constant and that truth is the truth; but both can be painful and hard to face. It is hard to face the fact that your life is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to yourself to leave a bad relationship, to quit smoking, to eat healthy or to get to the gym. If you want to have a happier and more satisfying life you have to be willing to work for it one day at a time. I am not selling snake oil, but I am promoting true health and wellness.
I have been reading tarot, auras, runes, palms and oracle cards, etc.. for several years and I have been doing live Skype readings for over a year. For a small fee you may contact me personally through Skype for readings and personal council.













My book expresses the fullness of women’s natural sexuality through the lens of seven different Goddess archetypes. I include my own life’s story with the story of these Goddesses to demonstrate how each archetype exists in all women. Every woman is both pure like Artemis and sensual and sexy like Venus; she is both mysterious like Hecate and seeks justice and wisdom like Athena. She is, good girl and bad girl, Angel and Devil, the light and the dark side of the moon; as she is a Goddess.

All of my work is to teach society how to take the shame off of women’s sexuality, as it shines the light of intellectualism on the inhibitions placed on women’s sexuality through religious dogma that is seeped into our law’s and justice system, consciously and unconsciously. These stigmas and taboos render women powerless by slut shaming and double standards.

I am redefining what it means to be a Goddess by simply stating that it means being your best self. I believe that a woman should want to connect to her own Inner Goddess primarily for herself first, and to attract the opposite sex as secondary. Self-confidence is the sexiest thing you will ever wear.
I am redefining sacred sexuality by simply stating that your sexuality is your business, whether you are gay, transgender, strait or bisexual. If it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else it is healthy and therefor sacred to you.

I am redefining Feminism, by saying you can be a sexy and sensual woman and still be respected as a person of value and integrity. Women shouldn’t have to behave like men or look like men to be taken seriously in the professional world. Looking and being sexy isn’t disrespecting yourself; that is an immature and uneducated belief and it actually takes a woman’s power away by taking way the full expression of who she is.

My credibility is simply that I have overcome a tragic childhood; I have thrived through divorce, poverty, death, depression and many other losses. I have learned how to use life’s ups and downs as lessons rather than to have been defeated or taken on the role of victim. I have learned how not to take on other’s labels or projections. Through and after my divorce my children remain primarily in my custody; meaning that I am responsible for their care and my own self-care. I am a fit mom that has competed. I have been living a fit and healthy lifestyle while juggling all of my other responsibilities. I am living this reality while thriving on my own so that I can take the time to choose a good man over just any man.

I want to help women of all income levels so that is why I write on my blog for free and will continue to use social media to help and inspire all women and men.
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Skype gracie.ackerman333