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The Goddess Movement is for both men and women



When women awaken The Goddess Within they awaken to their full potential by healing their sexuality

When women awaken to The Goddess Within, she intern awakens The God within him

The Goddess Movement isn’t about taking power away from men, it is about women walking into their own power through the integration of all her feminine aspects.. including; nurturing, mothering, creating, fertility, healing, protecting and wisdom.. in the awakening of her Divine Feminine she is like a catalyst that causes The Divine Masculine to awaken within him.. The God, The Good King, the Peaceful Warrior, The Lover, The Father, The Sage.. yet a man that is in his Divine Masculine can awaken The Goddess within her ..by his wisdom.

When he becomes wise to the ways of  The Goddess he can also be the catalyst that creates her awakening..








The Goddess Movement or the understanding of sacred sexuality brings about peace between the sexes..by learning to love and accept our differences we can create equality through nurturing each other instead of breaking each other down.. we build each other up.. this will create a paradigm shift within all of our social structures that will bring about sexual healing.. as we protect and uphold each other through the wisdom of seeing sex and sexuality as sacred and natural instead of sinful.



About Me & My Book

I am a single mother; artist and writer. I think the Goddess has always been present in my life;from an early age I had the wisdom to see and understand that the Goddess has been missing in worldwide culture for thousands of years. She has been my passion; the expression of the divine feminine in every woman and in every part of creation my passion. To raise her from the ashes through every woman becoming free to express the fullness of themselves through the acceptance of their intricate, original sexuality.

The images of me in the book as the model, expressing 7 Goddesses are steeped in ancient symbolism. They are meant to speak to the soul.


“”The Goddess, an Expression of the Divine Feminine

by Gracie Ackerman
The author speaks intimately and directly from her personal experience as a warm, sensitive, intellectual, sensual woman. As a daughter, a wife, a mother and a friend, she takes us through a journey of appreciating ancient sacred mythologies in a way that no academic (or man) could ever make accessible. This is because this is her first-hand account of her life through a sacred lens.

Gracie Ackerman delicately interweaves the highly practical and sometimes brutally pragmatic real world experiences of abuse, betrayal and liberation, with the poetic and divine knowledge of ancient wisdom. She weaves the ancient wisdom and her practical wisdom with such ease that it is impossible at times to separate the two. Through her storytelling, evocative poetry and sublime photographs, the ancient and modern are one.
The combination of the deeply personal and the most sacred roots of mythology wash away the plastic, commercialised, over-sensationalised, under-felt world of pornography and commercialisms and puts us directly back in touch with what it means to be a woman.
Not since I read the “The Female Eunuch” and “The Whole Woman” by Germain Greer, “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir or “Revolution from Within” by Gloria Steinem have I been so deeply touched by such an authentic resonance and inspiration as Gracie Ackerman’s journey into the true liberation of female sexuality.
In a time of increasing polarities, with both the Christian right and the Islam fundamentalists taking control of media, this book could not have been better timed because it rises above the noise of religious politics and dogma to an open space where both men and women can rediscover their deepest sacred power. A space where men can learn to love what is missing most in their lives. Gracie creates a trusted space where young girls growing into womanhood can avoid the lies that will prevent them from knowing their sacred sexuality and the divine goddess within.

The benefits are three fold: 1. To women who have been repressed but want to be free. 2. To men who want to relate to women at a deeper more authentic level. 3. To young girls who are coming of age in a world of social media suffocating with false gods of pornography and commercialisation of sex.”"
Tom Wolfe of San Jose, California


The controversy surrounding the book; is that I am modeling topless in the book.. this has proven to be a great struggle for me in my local community. I write about my struggles on my blog. The controversy with my nudity is indeed proof as to why the book is needed to awaken and mature how our society views women’s sexuality and nudity as pornography.. compared to seeing sex .. mainly women’s sex and sexuality as natural and healthy.. women cannot come into their power and fullness as long as society is shaming women into parameters of sexual acceptance due to prejudices.. this will never bring about true equality and sexual health for either sex.. A huge function of The Goddess Movement is to promote and to be about authenticity..by being authentic both sexes..and all human beings step into the full light of their power.


THE BOOK (The Goddess, and Expression of the Divine Feminine) AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.CA




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  • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

    on my blog post ( JUDGMENT) you will see how I am judged by my family; I posted an email from my sister and my response to her. I knew it was going to happen, I sent her the link to the website.. to get it over with, but of course it is still sad and it hurts.

  • jeff

    stand your ground. be who you are. there is nothing else.

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you Jeff; I will stand my ground, I will stand my ground for all women.

  • Thomas Poirier

    Very well spoken Sweetheart. In Short, you can’t stop a sinner from sinning, thats what they do.(we do) & If your conscience doesn’t condemn you for your actions, you are not wrong or Sinning against yourself. However some people never look inside themselves. Thanks for letting me post.

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thanks for your comment Thomas

  • Djalal

    Very Beutiful.

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you :)

  • bill k

    Just awesome,I love it,also intimidating

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you.. it is only meant to be truthful.

  • Thomas

    AWESOME….!!!!! Gracie…….. ;)

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      thanks Thomas :)

  • Rand

    You are beautiful, Gracie…a pleasure to meet you here and I would love to meet and chat in person one day. You are a special soul.

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Yes I think we have much to talk about and share :)

  • Rand Zacharias

    On Oct. 21st, we are having a celebration of art and life…the Bella Dona Foundation is sponsoring it’s first fundraiser to create more awareness about art, writing, music, etc.–all in the name of raising funds for a breast cancer survivor named Dona (prounounced Doanya) Sturmanis…a poetess and author who has sacrificed her life to the art of the written word. We will be featuring famous, and infamous, authors who will read portions of their published work. Would you like to reserve a spot to sell your book and read from it at our two reading venues? One indoor and one outdoor…weather permitting. Let me know as this very public event about a very private battle for millions of women around the world is about business and the act of helping those who work so hard to create and live. You can email me as any writer, artisan, musician, etc can at zacharias.rand@gmail.com…the event will run at Summerhill Winery from 10 am to 5 pm…contributing artists can keep their profits and donate whatever percentage to the event that they want. Musicians and Writers reading and singing, food being served, wine will flow as this festival is the first of what will become an annual Fall event called Bella Dona. We hope you can attend this celebration of life and the arts…and allowing struggling artists to make a few dollars for their sacrifice.

  • Curtis Frink

    You are truly a Goddess. Beautiful inside and out. I hope to somehow meet you one day. I would embrace and kiss you, just to feel that wonderful energy that you are no doubt overflowing with. Curtis Frink. I also sent you this message on FB. Blessed Be, and have a wonderful day!

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      thank you for your comment Curtis.. I just saw it..sometimes I don’t see comments for weeks..were the go I don’t know LOL but thank you <3

  • Richard

    wow u are very beautiful and if i could i would call on you as my goddess!! blessings to you!! wow so beautiful love the page and the godess also!!

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank Richard.. the Goddess is emerging in all women.. she is here..the energy of The Divine Feminine <3

  • A.J.

    Love this!!!!! Thank you for the connection! I thought you may enjoy the FB Ive created. https://www.facebook.com/IncarnatesOfAphrodite

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      I love your page..and I am she.. Venus rises within me <3

  • Richard

    I read ur latest blog. I was wondering why i did not see you on face book. Sorry you are going through that. People can be so mean! the ones that dont understand and judge others that are not like them. Blessings to you!!! keep your head up!!! It will get better for you dont let any one get you down!!!

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you for your kindness Richard. I am going deep within to find my own strength right now.. I needed to get people out of my head.. just figure out my own weaknesses. I have been spending quality time with my kids and going to the gym a lot to workout my frustrations. My little girl was having a very hard time with her daddy not wanting to spend time with her.. more than her brother and sister, were having issues with him not wanting to co-parent properly. We had an emotional couple of days..He says he has time to take them for the entire Christmas break so I am giving up my Christmas with my kids to make my little girl happy ( I don’t tell them how sad I am about it) but he has family and I don’t, they miss their dad and he is willing to take them..so .. those sorts of very emotionally heavy things I am dealing with.. I will be alone for Christmas on top of all the stuff that I wrote about in ( crying ) I am very emotional…but I am just gonna get better.. I will just takes some time to get things strait and heal my hurts..but I always, always, always do.. I always come back swinging :)

  • Audra


    ..I am sorry you are going through this emotional crap…. people are mean and rude a lot of the time……there are only a select few with an open mind….Know that you are good and loved……Audraxo…hugs to you!!! audigo@telus.net

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you so much for you kindness too Audra <3 I am learning a lot about myself through this.. Like who deserves ME and who doesn't. It brought me down real low..made me very sad..but what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger.. I am gonna come back fighting, I am gaining my strength.. just needed to go deep, thanks so much for the love.. right back atcha <3

  • J

    Wow…. very powerful writing. I can feel your emotion, being a Kelowna man i know what its like here. Id love to meet in person and chat :)

  • Some Guy

    Sally’s Subconscious Sabotage

    Seaside Sally sung sweetly, sashaying
    swiftly since sun shone so surely. Slightly serious she simply seemed
    sincere. Sally somewhat serendipitously sang splendid sonnets

    Simultaneously Samuel shucked scallop
    shells skyward, sloughing some slimy slop seaward. Seeing Sally,
    Sammy sighed softly saying silently “Sally sure seems swell.”

    Sally, sensing Sammy’s sincerity,
    said “Sammy, should singing solemnly someway show suitable, say
    staying sounds splendid?”

    Sammy shuffled silently, seriously.
    Somberly sighing “sorrow so sublime shouldn’t surround such
    shimmering sandy shores.”

    Sally suddenly swooned surreptitiously,
    selflessly, seemingly seeking someone’s surrender.

    “Skip some so solemn sonnets Sally”,
    Sammy said smartly, “somehow, special sweet songs should serve

    Someday soon somebody should see
    something spectacular.


    Gracie Gratuitously Giggles???

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      well Some Guy.. therielken@gmail.com or Ken Riel is your real name.. I suggest you have the courage to pick people apart using your real name like I do.. little do you know what it takes to write your heart and soul out with authenticity and with true intimacy.. I think you just jealous .. to bad for you.. I have much to be proud of.. I am speaking my truth and living in my truth.. you should try it if you have the guts.. it is rather liberating.

      • Some Guy

        What if Ken Riel isn’t my riel name?

  • egyptian man


    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000131283617 Michelle Lee

    i think you look beautiful wish i had your confidence i remember you from high school and i think you are great

    • http://twitter.com/goddessofsacred Gracie Ackerman

      Thanks Michelle.. this is the first time I have seen this comment.. it says you posted this 23 days ago.. Thank you so much for the complement.. it’s so nice getting one from a woman :)

  • Victoria Pendragon

    Grace Ackerman, you are a beautiful person. Thank you for your openness…the world needs more.

    • Gracie

      Thank you so much. It has been very difficult living in my city of Kelowna BC. There are some but few that support me compared to the many that shut me out, shut me down and hurt me.. your kind words and support mean so much to me <3

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you so much for your kind words..they are greatly needed <3

  • Peter

    great blog and great woman Gracie best wishes! :-)

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you Peter; I need the positive energy <3

  • tmau89

    I saw your post reference the story about Evan Rachel Wood and clicked on your website link. First of all, they are wrong to take the scene out of her movie. Secondly, you should have the freedom to express yourself on YOUR website as you see fit without being shamed or shunned. You are a beautiful woman and have a beautiful mind. Don’t let the jerks or jerkettes bring you down. Good website, be proud.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you :) It is my greatest hope to help humanity mature and evolve. When women become free sexually they are freed in every other area and when women are freed humanity evolves to a higher understanding. Thank you for your positive comment and kindness <3

  • audaxrex

    Good for you!

  • Jack Douglas


    I totally agree with the premise of your book that you posted on Shamanic Community. I yearn for a time when a man is able to see inside a woman’s heart and realize that her soul is what makes her special and beautiful.

    My grandpa ate everything my grandma made, because it was my grandma that made it. It could be liver and onions (my grandpa hated liver) but he would eat it if grandma made it because regardless of what it was, or how badly burned dinner was, or anything else… he knew that she made it out of love. So he loved whatever it was that she made and always told her that it was the best he ever ate.

    I have an uncle that would make my aunt coffee every morning. He did this because he was getting off work (he worked the night shift) and she worked the day. Before he would give Aunt Sandy the mug, Dan would take a little sip, just to make sure it was the way she liked it. That was one happy marriage, though they were not rich or anything like that…

    I grew up in a female dominated household. In fact, out of the first 18 years of my life, 15 of those I was the only male in the house with my mother and two sisters. My father abandoned us and my step-father died after 2 years of marriage.

    I’ve always been attracted to the Goddess, or at least a feminine face of Divinity. There were no positive male role models early in my life. I could not relate to Male deity because of the abandonment and abuse issues growing up. I was never “good enough” and had always felt that I had to be perfect in order to earn his love. It was through seeing Divinity as my mother or grandmother that I could see the unconditional love and acceptance. It was the Goddess that nurtured my spiritual growth. Maybe that is why I am somewhat sensitive to feminine issues.

    Thanks for sharing information on your book Gracie. I wish you the best.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you Jack.. I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner.. I just came upon this comment.. your story is fascinating and authentic..thank you for sharing <3

    • Patrick Bonacoscia

      My parents had a restaurant and I was living with my grandparents. My grandfather
      took part in ww2, was the only survivor of a company and was psychologically
      destroyed (thank you patriarchy!!). WW2 turned him in a violent man which he
      was never meant to be but the result is he did beat my grandmother and me. My grandmother
      was the role model I had, a fine intelligent and educated woman. And for the
      rest of my family that let I and my grandmother in that situation… fuck you

  • Gracie Ackerman

    Expressing sexuality or being free in your skin doesn’t make a woman or a man a sex object? Sexual objectification is used to sell product.. it is used to market products. Being natural in your own sexuality and body isn’t being a sexual object. Seeing sexuality as natural is being healthy. Sexual energy can also be transferred into creativity.. into creating your life..into inspiration.. just because you are menopausal doesn’t mean that you are not still a woman, or that your creativity has dried up.. The Goddess is the maiden .. a young girl before and during puberty .. The Mother.. a woman of childbearing age..and the Crone.. a woman who has gone through menopause, who guides younger women with her lived wisdom. The universe is constantly creating.. making love to it’s self.. sex can be defined as creation. As far as making up T-shirts..I think that is cheesy.. but I do offer my book .. totally up to you..what your perspective is and as to how you see the intention..

    • Gracie Ackerman

      The point of my book is that women are not either a whore or saint..they are women, women are people, women’s sexuality shouldn’t be judged in these narrow boundaries. Chose what is right for you. If this doesn’t speak to you than fine. Women can be in their sexuality and be scientist and or astronauts… they don’t have to chose..

    • Gracie Ackerman

      To change the subject.. I love your name.. my middle child’s name is Robyn.. she is 12. I named her that because just before she was born, my grandmother died. She had taken the place of my mother for me when my mom died.. when I was only 13. My grandmother wrote poems..one was about a robin.. when my daughter was born in December.. we had early robins in our area.. and so I named her .. my water broke while I was sleeping.. in my dream my grandmother came to me to tell me to prepare myself for birth.. she showed me my daughter in my womb…as if she was floating in outer space like an astronaut..

  • Beta Max

    No doubt a wonderful book and I looks forward to reading it. I hope that, as a man who is now sans testes, I can gain insight into the more feminine aspect of my sexuality. Perhaps a silver lining to the unfortunate loss of my male virility.

  • Titania

    Gracie Ackerman, I may be able to help with your book and other communications. Feel free to contact me.

  • WhatEver

    I think you are nuts. You need some professional help with your issues. Your photo’s are embarrassing, not attractive in any way. I feel sorry for your children.

    • Gracie Ackerman


    • Gracie Ackerman

      I tracked you IP from your email .. your close to Hill Rd in Winfield BC..so that means you know me, prob went to school with me and have issues of your own, prob jealous .. sorry for you.

  • Gracie Ackerman


  • adam angel

    those who say for example we do not believe in goddess…we do not believe in church…we do not believe in religion…or who are their ashamed to appear christians commit sins against faith…or hope or charity…we have commit too many sins…goddess will not apron us etc…commit sin…this was judas idea in sin from eve like u as a evil…not adam…???

    • Gracie Ackerman

      that doesn’t make any sense?

      • Patrick Bonacoscia

        It means
        nothing… Religion confuses the mind. Interestingly I found out that atheist
        knew religion better than religious people… This is weird isn’it ? :)

  • Tys

    I agree and love your expression! So glad that there are embodied women loving and nurturing themself, their sexuality and nature. I commend and you on expressing your truth, regardless of the culture that has no idea what you’re talking about. As a man I can tell you that you are SEEN….
    From Tys, helsinki

  • SoulCab

    Hi, please send me a DM on twitter. Playing connect the uber calgary dots

    • Gracie Ackerman

      I would love to but Brett Wilson payed twitter to have my account suspended so I can no longer tweet or message. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram.. I am sure he has tried to have me deleted on them to but hasn’t succeeded.

  • http://www.lady-christine.com/ Lady Christine

    Learn to get in touch with the silence
    within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.
    There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to
    learn from.

  • Chris Coziestyle-Gramit Dale

    I do believe you have the potential in being the very best you can be gracie… You use to tell me you were writing a book but I didn’t believe you, miss you pumpkin pie… greetings from the sexy guy you admired! I love to see your face reading poems I have wrote… you can add my facebook –> chris coziestyle-gramit dale

  • Cara Benson

    Hi Gracie,

    My name is Cara, and I am with the community outreach team at Eventbrite. I’d love to connect with you about our current project. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Talk soon,